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OMG, I'm posting a post! - Mira's Venting

Apr. 13th, 2007 06:50 pm OMG, I'm posting a post!

Yeah, for anyone who cares, which I believe that number to be exactly zero, I'm updating my livejournal.

So, nothing much has changed, being that I'm still a college student and I'm still making a mess of my life and hoping that things'll sort out later. I don't know what I'm going to do with this massive student debt, but I know I have to sit and accrue it for now and I'll deal with it later, because if I stop now to think things out I'll end up dropping everything. I try to remain chipper...I'm an optimist after all...but my parents freaking out doesn't help my own freaking out.

Anyway, here's a meme......be happy

I like...
[X] chips
[] fast food
[] soda
[X] candy
[X] popcorn
[X] pretzels
[X] peanut butter
[X] ranch
[] chicken wings
[X] pizza
[] burgers
[] hot dogs
[X] grilled cheese
Total: 8

[X] broccoli
[X] carrots
[X] cauliflower
[X] green beans
[X] beans
[X] onions
[X] tomatoes
[X] pickles
[X] cucumber
[X] zucchini
[ ] celery
[X] peppers
[X] peas
[X] potatoes
[X] beets
[X] brussel sprouts
[X] spinach
[X] lima beans
[X] lettuce
[X] corn
Total: 19

[X] oranges
[X] strawberries
[X] apples
[X] bananas
[X] pineapple
[X] pears
[X] peaches
[X] grapes
[X] plums
[] grapefruit
[X] clementines
[X] tangerines
[X] raspberries
[X] blueberries
[] limes
[X] lemons
[X] mangos
[X] cherries
[X] watermelon
[X] cantalope
[X] honeydew
Total: 19

[] ham
[] chicken
[] lamb
[] pork
[] steak
[] turkey
[] fish
[] deer
[] bird
[] salami
[] pepperoni
[] alligator
Total: 0 well, that's kinda obvious

[X] milk
[X] cheese
[X] yogurt
[X] ice cream
[X] butter
[X] eggs
Total: 6

[X] brownies
[X] ice cream
[X] chocolate
[X] sherbert
[X] cake
[X] cup cakes
[X] cookies
[X] toffee
[X] caramel
[X] mousse
[X] whipped cream
[X] chocolate covered strawberries
[X] creme puffs
[X] jello
[X] chocolate covered pretzels
Total: 15

[X] bread
[X] pasta
[X] cereal
[X] bagels
[X] doughnuts
[X] crackers
Total: 6

Now add up the number of x's and multiply by 3 to get the weight that you should be. Put the title as "I should weigh ___ LBS".


and at 5 foot 3, this meme suggests I should be fat and jolly...you know what, bring on the creme puffs

P.S. my phone is broke....and never had I wanted to make so many phone calls

Current Mood: stressedstressed

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