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Gettin' Stuff Done - Mira's Venting

Jun. 27th, 2007 04:22 pm Gettin' Stuff Done

So, I've been all over town it seems. My most promising housing prospect is an actual house. It's $350/mo with a $300 deposit. City utilities are paid, I would have to cover electricity I think and the internets. I should just barely be able to afford the first month's rent and the deposit. The issue is that the place is unfurnished. Hmm....cardboard furniture is in now, I think.

All the other places I've looked at were.....phenomenally expensive (try $450 a month for tiny, tiny room...seriously, a room) or had some flaw....such as a little old lady for a roommate....(I have nothing against little old ladies, but I sure would be living with somebody who I had nothing in common with)....or being twenty miles out of town.

I also need to fix my car and my computer, but those things are taking a backseat financially. I did, however, invest twenty bucks in reactivating my cell phone.

I called my bank in Illinois and paid my first month's payment on my $3000 loan. I also spent a while on hold as they figured out why my account was overdrawn while I was in Japan, not using it. I got a $25 refund....whoo-hoo? I need a lot more than that. What I need is a steady supply of income.

Jobs are.....elusive..... I've applied for about a half a dozen of them. I'm hoping to get this secretarial/animal caretaker job. It's in Monte Vista, but it practically listed all the skills I listed on my resume. I'll go back to the workforce center tomorrow and probably apply for a couple more.

Other things that I've taken care of....sort of. I stopped by the school and worked out a payment plan for Japanese Travel and Culture II (ie my trip to Japan) which is basically I have until July 15th to get $600 and until August 15th to get the remaining half. I was bounced around for a while with that one, but I also got my pin and registered for Fall Classes....which were mostly filled up, so I didn't get my ideal schedule, but it'll work, I suppose. That and I talked to my family, both my parents, grandparents, brother, and aunt to let them know I'm still breathing. I dropped some hints at being broke.....maybe they'll come through for me again, hopefully.

That's kind of a short novelization of my life roundabout now.....hmmm....sorry for the length those of you who read this.....which number about nil......:P

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Date:June 29th, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
glad yer well!