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State Fair, WHOO! - Mira's Venting

Sep. 1st, 2007 04:26 pm State Fair, WHOO!

Last Thursday (day before yesterday) Karl and I headed out to Pueblo to the Colorado State Fair.

The ironic thing about the whole trip was that I initially found out about it on a trip about four weeks previously to Colorado Springs. Get this, I was out getting some money and I decided then and there where I would be spending said money. Really, I was trading in some yen and the closest place to do that (without an account) was in Colorado Springs. I ended up with about a hundred eighty bucks, fifty of which I spend right away on PS2 games (partialy for me, mostly for Karl).

The interest was sparked by a radio ad for a Weird Al concert. We did end up going to said concert which was AMAZING. He sang "Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" and girated while playing an acordion; seriously, you can't get much cooler than that. He also did a lot of classics (i.e. "Amish Paradise") and a couple newish ones like "White and Nerdy" to the tune of "Riding Dirty." He really got into his act and we had pretty decent floor seats so my ears were ringing at the end.

That was the peak of the night and the real purpose for going, but there was much else that made it more than worth it.

The first thing we did was wander the animal exhibitions. We saw bunnies, oh so many bunnies, row after row of bunnies. There were also pigeons for whatever reason. I've never heard of a pigeon show, but there they were and lots of them at that. There were also ducks and geese and chickens. We briefly stopped by the goat/sheep/swine barn and only brushed by the horses, one of whom tried to bite me but I found that endearing.

There was a live stingray tank and little tanks of horshoe crabs nearby and you could walk right up and pet them all. The crabs weren't too exciting, but the stingrays were slimy and bony at the same time. We were there on a weekday and there was pig racing across the way that all the little kids were captivated by so we had the place pretty much to ourselves for a good ten minutes.

At 4:30 we caught a tiger exhibition. They had all the various coat types there and they were all lazing about before the show. Karl's crazy about tigers, white tigers especially which there were four of, and we got there fifteen minutes early just to watch them twitch their ears in their sleep. The show itself lasted about forty minutes and pretty much included a dude playing with them, giving them strips of steak and briefly making them stand on their hind legs, jump over each other, lie down and roll over, and walk in tandem. We each got a little tiger-baby-plushie; mine standard orange and his white.

After the show we got in touch with his mom who we were supposed to meet for dinner. She picked us up at five thirty and we went to Applebees. It was good to see her again. She was ecstatic that her son wanted to spend time with her. Karl's step-dad, Dave, met us there and even Blakely, Karl's little sister, made an appearance for a short bit.

After dinner we wandered the fair a bit more. I'd never seen a sand sculpture before so we went back to that. It was an Alice and Wonderland theme this year and we watched them shape it for a while, being mostly done it was pretty spectacular. We also watched a guy make a space painting with spray paint. That was phenomenal how he could make beautiful starscapes, colorful sunsets, even water with reflections with an aeresol.

We also got our fair share (pun intended 'cause I'm lame) of fair food. Funnel cakes and lemon shake-ups all around. When I sat down in the grass to enjoy my fried dough Karl leaned against a tree and in some splendiferous fashion managed to rip the seat of his pants. He was embarassed to the extent of wearing my jacket around his waist the rest of the fair. We also took a second to verify that prize flowers and vegetables are indeed quite boring.

Weird Al was at eight and went on until about ten thirty or so. We took a little time to say goodnight to the tigers and the mules at the front gate before heading home. I swear, that drive gets more and more boring each time.

Actually, the last hour breezed by with Karl and I talking about various childhood endeavors and current story ideas.

We both agree that the day was awesome and plan to do it again next year if we can both get time off again.

In other news, I'm currently obsessed over Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I mean seriously obsesses. I want to be playing right now. Karl would be vying for time on the game (installed on my PC as his can't handle the concentrated awesome that is Oblivion) except he's got Metroid Prime Three for his Wii and I promised him that he could cheat on me with Samus.

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